Biodiversity Warriors

Yayasan KEHATI believes that the role of the younger generation is vital in conserving the biodiversity of Indonesia. Through the Biodiversity Warriors movement, Yayasan KEHATI invites these agents of change to improve the environment.

Biodiversity Warriors is a movement encouragingyoung adults to make an impact on saving the biodiversity of Indonesia. They are pushed to popularise all aspects of biodiversity, including its uniqueness, uses, potential, and conservation, throughout all of Indonesia. By using the Internet, the Biodiversity Warriors spread information to the public as well as exchange information. It is this communication that will allow for change.

Through Yayasan KEHATI, that information will be channelled to lawmakers, environmental organisations, and research organisations. With the right people, the information shared from Biodiversity Warriors can create change. Also, these Biodiversity Warriors will be taught to be Citizen Scientists so that the information produced and shared will have scientific value.

The aims of Biodiversity Warriors:

  • To popularise the biodiversity of Indonesia
  • To make a popular catalogue on the biodiversity of Indonesia, so that information on uses and uniqueness can be organised well and be easily studied in the future
  • To build the young generations' awareness on the vast biodiversity of Indonesia
  • To help the environment by changing the public’s mindset through a stream of interesting information on biodiversity
  • To build a network amongst young adults that focuses on biodiversity
  • To provide an online or offline forum for young adults to interact with scientists and researchers
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