How Many Deer is in Indonesia?

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Ada Berapa Jenis Rusa di Indonesia?

Reindeer shaped ornaments are often found in December. Because he is known as Santa partner to deliver present on Christmas. Beside reindeer that live in the Arctic there are still 42 species of deer all over the world. In Indonesia there are five species of native deer with two of them are endemic. Who are they?

Five species of deers in Indonesia are Bawean deer, timor deer, sambar deer, bornean yellow muntjac, and common muntjac. Two endemic species are Bawean deer that only live on Bawean Island, Surabaya, East Java and bornean yellow muntjac that only found in Borneo. Of the five species, timor deer has the largest population of around 9000, both in natural habitats or introduced areas in Indonesia.

Are you confused why muntjac is called deer? Because all species in the Cervidae family are deer. So deer, reindeer, muntjac, elk, chital, and moose which belong to the family Cervidae are deer. The characteristic of a deer is have a pair of antlers on a male, long and strong legs, small tail, and long ears.


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