Cakalang that is Braver than Planes

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Cakalang yang Lebih Berani dibanding Pesawat Terbang

Is there any bird that can fly for weeks without a break? The answer is yes, the frigatebird. He is a seabird and is capable of flying for up to two months over a vast ocean. Both young and mature birds spend a long time on each flight. Frigatebird flying behavior is an anomalies and is not found in other birds. Then how does frigatebird survive in the air?

In order to minimize wings flapping to save energy, the frigatebird takes advantage of the updraft on the sea to fly. They usually fly at altitudes of 1500 m asl to 4000 m asl. No other birds were found flying as high as cakalang. They even willingly enter into the cumulus cloud which had strong wind to make flying easier. Whereas other birds and even planes avoid flying in it because it causes turbulence.

As an efficient flier, frigatebirds are not only good at using the wind. They also only rest a few hours on land. Even eating is done while flying. Frigatebirds wings that are not waterproof make them unable to dive to eat. So they eat by stealing fish from other seabirds or approaching a herd of tuna and dolphins who are eating in surface and then scooping fish with their beaks.

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